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Video Proposal For Ecowell PA05

Option 1: Product video

Option 2: Lifestyle Video


This proposal is for a promotional video created by Eugene from BestBoyMedia (Los Angeles), a local video creator who specializes in product video ads. I would love to create a video ad for your business and offer serious value.

Project Overview: Ecowell PA05

The goal is to create sleek and captivating footage that draws the viewers’ attention, utilizing vibrant lighting, attractive angles, and action shots. The video should effectively highlight the unique features, benefits, and effectiveness of the product Ecowell PA05.

Technical Specifications:
a. Resolution: The video should be recorded in high-definition to ensure clarity
and sharpness.
b. Duration: The video should be 30-90 seconds in length, capturing the viewers’ attention and maintaining their interest throughout.
a. Lighting: Vibrant and dynamic lighting techniques should be employed to
enhance the visual appeal of the products, emphasizing their sleek design and unique features.
b. Camera Angles: The videography should utilize a variety of attractive angles,
including close-ups, tracking shots, and overhead shots, to showcase the products from
different perspectives.
c. Action Shots: The video should feature dynamic and action-oriented
sequences that highlight the products’ effectiveness and usability. This may include
demonstrations of the products in use, capturing before-and-after shots, or showcasing
the products in real-life scenarios.
d. Color Palette: The videography should utilize a modern and sophisticated color
palette that complements the branding of Ecowell. The colors should be vibrant and
visually pleasing, creating a sense of freshness and cleanliness.

PA05 Main Features:

1. Smart Mode: Intelligently detects dirt levels and adjusts cleaning power accordingly.
2. Multi-surface, multi-mess wet and dry
3. Tilt and Swivel
4. Electrolyzed Water: Experience advanced deep cleaning.
5. One-touch Self-drying Roller: Automatically dries the roller, reducing odors. 
6. LED Headlight.

7. Edge-cleaning.

Branding and Messaging:
a. Brand Identity: The videography should align with the Ecowell brand
identity, emphasizing its modern, innovative, and high-quality image.
b. Logo and Branding Elements: The Ecowell logo and other branding
elements should be prominently displayed throughout the video to reinforce brand
c. Messaging: The videography should effectively communicate the key
messages associated with the Ecowell product line, such as the products’ efficacy,
multifunction, and convenience.

Audio and Music:
a. Background Music: The video should incorporate background music that
complements the visual style and enhances the overall viewing experience. The music
should be upbeat, modern, and in line with the desired tone and mood.
b. Voiceover (optional): If applicable, a professional voiceover can be included to
provide additional information, product descriptions, or narrate the video. The voiceover
should be clear, engaging, and well-paced.

Deliverables: The due date for the deliverables is within 4 weeks.

If you have any specific requirements or ideas you’d like to incorporate into the video, please let me know. I’m dedicated to delivering a compelling and informative video that meets your objectives.


The video production process involves several key steps that are essential for creating a high-quality and engaging video. Here’s an overview of the steps:

1. Pre-Production:
This is the crucial planning stage where the video’s concept is developed. It includes defining the video’s purpose, target audience, message, scriptwriting, story boarding, set design and scheduling.

2. Production:
This is the stage where the video is filmed, and the footage is captured. It includes setting up the camera, lighting, building a set, rehearsing, and recording the footage.

3. Post-Production:
This is the stage where the footage is edited and put together to create a cohesive and compelling video. It involves video and audio editing, color correction, sound design, voice over and adding special effects or animations.

4. Distribution:
This is the final stage where the finished video is distributed.

I will work closely with you throughout the process, considering your input and feedback to ensure the video aligns with your vision and effectively communicates the desired message to your target audience.



Option 1: Enhanced Product Video – $5,000

  • Pre-production planning and consultation, including story boarding, set design and scheduling
  • High-speed camera (slo-mo) 300fps capturing shots involving liquids
  • Professional 4k camera up to 120 fps
  • Advanced lighting setup
  • Close-ups, tracking shots, and overhead shots of the product
  • Video runtime: 30-90 seconds video
  • High-quality visuals and focus on the product details
  • Suitable background music to enhance the viewing experience
  • Sound design
  • Incorporation of your brand identity
  • Motion graphics, animations, and visual effects to enhance the visual appeal
  • Dynamic camera movements to showcase different angles and perspectives
  • Increased production value and attention-grabbing elements
  • Editing and color correction and color grading
  • Voice-over (optional)

Option 2: Comprehensive Lifestyle Video – $10,000

  • Everything included in Option 1, plus:
  • Extended production time for detailed close-up shots
  • Professional voice-over artist for narrative voice in the video (optional)
  • Customized graphics and animations to highlight key features and benefits
  • Model
  • Location: a house or apartment European style studio

Please note that these prices are estimates and can be further adjusted based on your specific requirements, project scope, and any additional services or customization you may need. I’m committed to working within your budget to deliver a high-quality video that effectively showcases the close-up details of your label printer and meets your marketing goals.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the pricing or options in more detail, please feel free to reach out. I’m here to assist you throughout the process. (optional)

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